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I Don't Wanna Know Your Past

-Time Travel-


This is the Documentary project Artefact

It will take you  on an extraordinary journey, featuring time travel, the young charismatic Jerome desperately searching for answers, his quest to go back in time to save his friend's life mirrors the erudite physicist professor from Connecticut who at a similar age was consumed by a similar quest - a desire to travel back to try and save his father's life. En route we meet two authors, both with links to Liverpool, spiritualist Thomas Sheridan and Anthony Peake, a writer who's made a successful career in exploring psychic phenomena and human consciousness. Due to pandemic restrictions all interviews are on zoom. 

I don't wanna know your past

I don't wanna know your past

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Film Maker Salma Shalaby 


Cast & Crew


Jerome Gabriel

time Travel quest 


Dr. Ronald MAllet                 American theoretical physicist, academic and author               


Anthony Peake                         Author  Deals with borderline areas of human consciousness  


Thomas Sheridan                              Author  SPIRITUALIST  film maker from Dublin


Siretzi Yares Daran  

2015 - They have taken the one I love 

 Lili Boniche         

1950 - ANA FIL HOB - Trésors de la musique judéo-arabe  

Through Love - Mawlana  RUMI     

2013-  Sufi Music by  Buddha's Lounge 

Sound track : Stranger Things     

2019  Kyle   Dixon and Michael Stein     




Archive Material and Film 


2003- “InsiideS John Lemnon  ” 


1960- “Time Machine ” 

Radio  Interview         


Alan Watts          

1970 - ‘The-Illusion-of-MONEY-TIME-EGO “ 

Charles Bukowski           poetic - Life Changing Quotes 

Interview with Dr. David Deutsch               1995- from Noorderlicht.- "Het Multiversum" 

Stephen Hawking  Talk      2015 -Parallel Universe 


                                     Photo Credits

    Ahmed Emad ElDin,  Christian Yu ,  Rodney Allen Trice  

  Research Interviews

  Professor : Chris Collins - LJMU , DR: Sally Cooper LJMU 

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