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For the Factual short film, the topic was on hiking Pendle Hill, which had a lot of history related to witchcraft. The aim of the story was to find hikers, talk with them and find out if they know of the history of the place and the story of the Pendle witches. Hikers’ intrigue, created the hiking path, to take the most popular route for ascending the hill, which begins in the village of Barley, where the Cabin Cafe is their starting point, which is considered the hikers’ hub. This Documentary contains 3 Drone shots of the hill from that route, which lies to the east. This route also provides the steepest ascent. Other nearby villages include Downham, Roughlee, Newchurch in Pendle, Sabden and Pendleton.

For this Rostrum exercise, a 2minute Archived material shows the story of my father (Khaled Shalaby ) swimming the English Channel from, Dover to Calais, France back in 1983 , on the 20th of October, in 16 hours, 20 mins Solo, 1 way / England to France. Through  explore the creative potential of After effects and photo shop , practical and software skills in particular areas were developed as shown. This story is very close to home, Waves sound effects were added to give the feel of the sea, during the recording my Fathers's heavy breathing was used to show how heavy the journey must have been. The title Inside the Open Sea, was aimed at explaining the long heavy Journey of swimming the English Channel. 

Through his own words, his experience is explained and his emotions after succeeding are explained, of how this journey made sense to him. 

360 for MA Doc & Creative Tech

Flat tyre Situation happened , in natural occurring event,. Our Friend from MA Law came to help us , as we wanted to shoot a 360 kidnapping scene, when she came , we realised that her tyre is flat we got out of the car to help her out, mean while we left the camera recording and from the audio you can hear the irony of it .

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